Little monster

This photo was going around on Facebook. It was highly appropriate timing. I wish I knew the genius who made it.

Coraline has been so hungry. I can’t hold her much lately without her asking for more food, hourly if I’m lucky. We are going on three days of this. She also stopped napping well and is back to 1-2 hour stretches of sleep at night.

When I was at work she had some rice cereal with grandma (maybe 2 tablespoons), downed four ounces of milk in no time (which 4-5 is usually the most she’d drink), then when I came home 40 minutes later she wanted to drink more.

It’s difficult not to blame myself for the sleep challenges in particular, especially when the primary way this week that we’ve been able to get her to nap is by holding her, driving somewhere, or if she falls asleep breastfeeding, all of which aren’t the best methods when I’m trying to get her to be an independent sleeper.

She’s so much bigger now. Tall. Her hand-eye coordination and dexterity are so greatly improved. She can even pick up small, flat objects from flat surfaces (like our phones!).

She is so communicative. She will look intently and reach for what she wants, she will wave her arms at objects that interest her and shout and squeal and grunt and babble. Usually it’s toward my boobs. My face doesn’t matter anymore.


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