Many roles

I want to be able to care for my child in the way I see is best, but with so many roles to play it is challenging.

Somehow maintaining the ability to still breastfeed while volunteering in order to complete my masters project, work, attend class, keep the house clean, sort and get rid of clothing and toys and materials as my child sprouts up so fast, keep everyone fed and actually go to the store is difficult. I’ve done this before, where I had too much going on, but now I have a child and milk supply to maintain so it’s a whole new level of things to carry, places to be, and schedules to figure out.

Pumping is incredibly difficult to manage. I could do it in the car, but it’s challenging to do while navigating the chaotic traffic, or when I arrive and just be late every day to class. I could do it at work, but how do I take time away from an active 12 year old?

I could do it at school or at the coffee shop where I’m working on assignments, but do I pack everything up and go to the car for a 15-20 minute pumping session and come back?

Or do I just go to the dirty bathroom and carry two bags everywhere?

Or do I use a smaller, portable manual pump for only 5-10 minutes that does the job minimally and just hope it’s enough?

Or do I give up on pumping until I can get home every day, then risk losing the ability to sustain my child on it and just accept that formula is a part of life now?


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