Social babe

We are considering bringing her into the nursery for the second half of church now that Coraline spends the first half of church being great and sweet, and the second half wild and shouting out to every one and everything. She just wants to talk and wiggle and look around.

When she’s at the grandparents and her aunt is trying to watch TV she’s been known to shout over the tv and make it difficult for anyone to listen to what’s being said. She just loves to talk.

The other day Tia R and Daddy J were talking about something that bothered them while Coraline and I listened. Coraline found it to be a lot of fun and was grinning and shouting along with them to the point where I couldn’t hear parts of the conversation enough to take part as well!

She’s started saying “hi” back when we say hi to her. It’s adorable. So we show up at the grandparents and it’s “hey” and “hi” all around. Otherwise it is just a bunch of “oohhh, OOO! gah, eeeee!”

She does understand “kiss kiss,” especially when grandma says it. Sometimes she will smile sweetly and tilt her head toward someone’s face when they say it. Once she even gave grandma a very clear kiss too.


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