Aquariums with Auntie

My big sister came for a visit. We went to pick up Coraline from grandmas after picking up my sister, and without any fuss Coraline greeted her when Grandma handed her to my sister. It’s been 3 months since she saw her, but it seems she remembers something enough to not be hesitant to be held like she is with people initially.

Coraline sits up on her own effortlessly (only toppling back when she gets very into smacking her toys on everything). She talks and explores her toys curiously. Now and then she looks at someone close by and squeals at them if they’re not looking at her.

She is a great age to visit with family. I am so grateful I have had a week off to spend with both her and my sister to witness the cuteness. So much joy and silliness and socialness in one little 7 month old kiddo.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium and she loved it. She wanted to touch everything (especially the octopus, pufferfish, crabs, and jellyfish that went up against the glass!). She stared and smiled at everyone. Three times I had little children appear out of nowhere touching her little feet or reaching for her hand. She reached twice for other people and I had to maneuver her little hands away from them. It was crowded and she was thrilled. A family even greeted us at In-n-Out after and said they loved seeing her at the aquarium. So many adults were enamored by her enthusiasm and excitement.

The only thing she didn’t like were the very dark places, but if we went up to the fish she got over it quickly.


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