Cradle cap victory!

Today was a spa day for Coraline. I’ve tried all the tricks for cradle cap (mineral oil, olive oil, coconut oil, frequent brushing multiple times a day, massaging her scalp), it had minimal effect. Some worked better than others, but not enough. I was uneasy with a lot of options as well due to chemicals or concerns of drying her skin too much etc.

What finally worked was caking avocado on her head and massaging it into her scalp. It actually stuck and soaked in compared to other other oils that didn’t seem to stay in her scalp as successfully.

30 minutes later we washed it out and combed the avocado out and the skin flaked off with it.

Her scalp is just white from being blocked from the sun for so long!

She ate a bit of the left over avocado as well!


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