Curious eyes

I love watching Coraline figure out the world. She stares intrigued at every new thing, but she needs to observe it carefully before engaging it.

Her stranger danger has gone away if mommy or daddy show her the person is safe. She is sometimes scared of objects though and will bend her body away from it with her fists by her face pulling away as well if we move her close, but she will stare intently.

She does this when she is communicating that she doesn’t want to do something as well. When she doesn’t want to be held by a certain person (but then will reach one arm out in such a way to show she wants to say hi, just not be held), when she doesn’t want a kiss (not even from mommy!), When she doesn’t want a certain toy (but then will lean to the one she wants).

She’s opinionated, communicative, and curious.

I’ve always loved watching the gears turn in a child’s mind, and right now, with school done, work easing up as the child’s school ends, and my own body and mind regulating to a sense of chemical normalcy I can slow down and appreciate this time in my own child.


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