Coraline seems to know when she isn’t supposed to do something. She waits until our backs are turned, or turns her body so we can’t see, so that she could do certain things that we have repeatedly pulled away from her or drew her attention from.

Going into Tia’s room has been one obsession for the last two months (she knows how to push the door open now, but she smacks the ground harder when she’s bolting for the door so we always catch her first).

Another obsession is putting everything in her mouth. People say it’s a thing kids do, but I suspect Coraline is a bit more extreme in this. EVERYTHING goes in her mouth if we aren’t there to stop it. Now she will turn her body if we repeatedly stop her from eating a particular thing, as if trying to sneak it by blocking it from our view.

She has gotten very good at the pincer grasp now. She can pick up very small, barely visible things to eat now.


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